About Us

Our hospital has been serving Medina county and surrounding areas since 1994, the year Dr. Janine Pepin, DVM opened the doors. Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital that offers bi-annual comprehensive physical exams, customized vaccine protocols for your pet, complete surgical and anesthesia facilities, pain management, radiology, electrocardiograms, laboratory diagnostics, a pharmacy for your pet’s prescriptions, in hospital treatment, prescription diets and dentistry services, including dental radiography, periodontal and endodontic work.

We emphasize preventative medicine, focusing on wellness and geriatric screening to detect disease in the earliest possible stage in order to stop or manage the diseasing process. We take full advantage of all continuing education so that we can offer you and your pet the best medicine and to surpass the level of the medical standard of care that veterinary boards have mandated.